Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scottsdale Chiropractor - Auto Accidents - Whiplash

I have been treating patient that have been injured in car accidents for 15years. My practice is in Scottsdale , Az also called the land of car accidents. Scottsdale has many four way stops. It is these four way stops that are the problem. Most car accidents happen their. Never pull out into the intersection to turn left, always wait until the traffic clears. If you get into a accident always wait for the Scottsdale Police or the police in your area and  always get a accident report. Never just exchange info and go. The report is the best evidence of the accident. When the Chiropractor does his exam, having the police report can give additional information of the type of accident (rear-end, side impact or other). Knowing the type of accident can better assist the Chiropractor in assessing your injuries. The majority of injuries we see from a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash can cause a variety of symptoms. Headache and neck pain are very common. It is very important to be evaluated after a car accident. If you get into a car accident and your neck is stiff, it may be whiplash. If not treated effectively, the symptoms can last a life time. I have seen many patient with whiplash and they all  complain of headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. Internally they could have major damage. Spinal fractures, artery issues and ligament damage. A qualified Chiropractor will be able to determine the severity of the whiplash and give the whiplash a grade 1, 2 , or 4, 4 being the worst. Your Chiropractor should know when a MRI is needed or other diagnostic test should be uses. Getting the right exam and treatment at the right time is critical to your full recovery. 

Please call my office if you would like any information about car accidents and the treatment of. Chiropractor are treating these types of patients all the time. My name is Dr. Evan Price Chiropractor, Price Chiropractic Scottsdale, Az. check my website out at http://www.pricechiropractic.com/ or http://www.scottsdalechiropractortoday.com/

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