Friday, October 22, 2010

Chiropractic the Low Force Adjustment.

There are many types of Adjustments. Some are stronger then others. Why would your Chiropractor choose to use Low force vs. High force? Most people want an adjustment that is comfortable and does not irritate their condition. A good chiropractor will have different techniques available to use for different conditions and different types of patients. Everybody knows the high force adjustment (ie: poping noises), but the low force adjustment usually has very little poping associated with it. The low force adjustment works just as well as the high force adjustment. Dr. Price uses both types of Adjustments and will use low force adjustment regularly. If a patient requests low force type of adjustment that is what will be performed. After a patient has been in a Auto Accident their neck or back can be very painful. The initial few visits we like to use a low force adjustment to re-aline their spine. This is comfortable to the patient. If you or someone  you know is interested in getting an adjustment and would like information on low force adjusting please call us or visit our website at . The  Neck and Back pain Clinic

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