Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Pain your enemy?

When a patient comes to me with pain, weather the lower back or neck area ect... My main objective is to get that patient out of pain without medication. When we here the word Chronic Pain, it can mean allot of different problems are going on at the same time. The brain hold memory of this type of pain. You and your body remember this type of pain, which makes it much harder to deal with. Finding an exercise the patient can do to relieve this chronic pain is very important. Demnishing pain levels with exercise is a start. Chronic pain is a vicious cycle that returns. Understanding that this type of pain is also a memory that the body and brain are familiar with. We can stop it by getting a Handel on certain exercises that re-educate the brain and the muscles of the body to stop sending signals of pain. I see many patients that have had old car accidents and who have also developed Chronic pain. The type of treatment plan needs to be very specific for the site or sites of Chronic pain. Please give me a call or check out my website, I have helped many with Chronic pain. . Their are also new tools available in this treatment for tendinitis or headaches also back pain and many more. So check out

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