Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I just had an Adjustment and I feel 80% better !

As a Chiropractor I am not immune to Low Back Pain. I sometimes experience sever Lower Back Pain from all types of activities. I know better, but sometimes I wait to see if it will just go away in a few days. Most of the time it will get worse and last for a few weeks. After about 1 week, I have had enough. I call a Chiropractic friend and get in. I went yesterday after suffering with lower back pain for 2 weeks. I used all the modalities I had (ie: ultrasound and Electricmuscle stim) that did not help. I stretched and went for massages that did not help, the massage actually made it worse. Once I was adjusted I felt 80% better, The next adjustment should get me to 90 or 100% better. There is no replacement for a good adjustment. Check out our website at www.pricechiropractic.com

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