Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scottsdale Az Auto Accidents and Chiropractic Treatments

My Chiropractic clinic is located around Miller Rd and Indian School Rd. We see many car accident patient. The most common injury is Whiplash of the neck. This can be very painful for the patient. The symptoms usually don't materialize right away. It may take several hours or days for the pain and stiffness to reach critical mass. Whiplash can cause a sever straightening of the cervical or neck spine, which left untreated can cause a life time of problems. The cervical spine can be traumatized so badly that a bone fracture could occur. The acceleration/deceleration of the neck can cause permeate neurological injury. The seat in a car acts as a catapult. Thrusting the person forward and then back. The seat belt "hopefully you happen to be wearing it" restricts this catapult movement, your head swings forward and back very fast causing whiplash. This must be treat right away and properly to get the best result, so a permenate injury don't occur. If you know anyone injured in a car accident. Please send them in ASAP. Dr. Evan Price 480-947-3937

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